5 Athletic Fashion Looks To Wear Now

5 Athletic Fashion Looks To Wear Now

Transitioning from at-home workouts to any outdoor or IRL activities has made us realize that our plain black leggings won't cut it anymore.

To refresh our look, let's take a look at kica for some cute activewear. A one stop shop on what to wear to work out and how to look cute while doing it.

More than ever our busy and hectic lives demand comfortable and practical clothes. Of course, giving up on style is simply not an option, so how do we combine fashion and function together to create a chic but totally wearable look? Athleisure from kica is the answer.

 Leaning into the following active wear trends right now, they're the most important styles to know.

1. Biking Shorts:  
Ease into this trend with a bold, solid color.

Check out the ‘Mocha Shorts’ and ‘Seaweed Shorts’ from Kica’s collection. Pair it with a tone on tone top or even just an oversized tee.

2. The Varsity Look:

This includes sweatshirts, high socks, chunky sneakers, and crew-necks. You can combine different colors and textures in order to make this look really pop.

The ‘Socks So Fly’ pair from Kica come in both white and pink and are the perfect accessory for the Varsity Look. 

3. Lingerie-inspired tops

Workout bras have definitely leveled up from the simple sports-bra look.

At Kica, we have the Never Settle Crop Top, Plum Top, Purple Lake Top that all take the basic sports bra to a whole new level.

4. Trend forward cutouts 

Whether it's a one-shoulder or oblique cutout, give a spin on your basic active wear and give you look a little edge this summer! Pair bright colors with some classic staples to refresh your look. Also add staples to your closet that can take your look easily from day to night.

  • Kica Strappy Low Impact Sports Bra
  • Hold sports bra
  • Kica Lift Medium Impact Sports Bra

5. Dress for the Occasion

Taking your active wear out of the gym requires acknowledging when it’s appropriate to wear and when it’s not. Coords sets are a must in this situation.

6. Accessorize

Complete athleisure looks by accessorizing appropriately. Stick to a sleek, sports vibe but add a touch of your personal style.

  • Socks So Fly Combo - 2 Pairs
  • Tote Bag
  • Kica mask