Black Hunter Leggings

Rs. 1,400.00

Raisin Leggings

Rs. 960.00Rs. 1,200.00

Teal Leggings

Rs. 960.00Rs. 1,200.00

Blush Leggings

Rs. 1,200.00Rs. 1,600.00

Hunter Leggings

Rs. 1,260.00Rs. 1,400.00

Fleet Leggings

Rs. 1,190.00Rs. 1,400.00

Drop Leggings

Rs. 1,120.00Rs. 1,400.00

Maze Leggings

Rs. 1,120.00Rs. 1,400.00

Kica Duel Leggings

Rs. 1,020.00Rs. 1,570.00

Stylish and Super Comfortable Women’s Leggings

Finding the Perfect Pair of Women’s Leggings can be hard. The wide collection of stylish leggings for women from Kica will keep you effortlessly cool while amplifying your feminine charm. With a wide range of colours, lengths, and textures – we’re sure you’ll name us as the best leggings for women.

Stay Ahead of Trends

The athleisure trend is rocking fashion circles and isn’t going anywhere. It’s time to update your wardrobe with a pair or two of essential women’s black leggings. Whether you’re hitting the gym, working at your office or just lounging with your gang – high waisted leggings are the biggest fashion statements this season.

Kica presents So Many Leggings.

Wear a different pair each day of the week and look stylish 24 x 7. With extra features like ribbed panels, colourful stripes, our leggings for women don’t just make you feel comfortable but also transform you into a style icon!

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