Ash Grey Tracks

Rs. 1,400.00

Bistro Green Soft Tracks

Rs. 1,800.00

Flare Pants Grey

Rs. 1,500.00

Flare Pants

Rs. 1,500.00

Unmellow Yellow Tracks

Rs. 1,200.00

Oasis Pants Blue

Rs. 1,260.00Rs. 1,800.00

Macaroon Tracks

Rs. 1,360.00Rs. 1,600.00

Bubblegum Breezy Tracks

Rs. 1,200.00

Oasis Pants Green

Rs. 1,260.00Rs. 1,800.00

Bright Tracks Foggy Grey

Rs. 1,170.00Rs. 1,300.00

Kica Tracks Grey

Rs. 1,350.00

Bright Tracks

Rs. 1,170.00Rs. 1,300.00

Indigo Tracks

Rs. 900.00Rs. 1,200.00

Sparkle Fleece Tracks Grey

Rs. 910.00Rs. 1,300.00

Cheer Tracks

Rs. 1,125.00Rs. 1,500.00

Midnight Tracks

Rs. 1,485.00Rs. 1,650.00

Dusty Pink Fleece Tracks

Rs. 960.00Rs. 1,600.00

Pink Lemonade Joggers

Rs. 1,800.00

Chill with the Best Track Pants for Women

Looking for something that is perfect for working out and relaxing in? Check out the collection of women’s track pants from Kica.

There’s nothing as relaxing as pulling on a pair of comfortable track pants and kicking back on the couch at the end of a long tiring day at work. Our off-duty essential track pants for women are available in a range of colours and fits.

For Ultra Comfort

Choose the ultra-stretch track pants for a skinny fit that tapers at the ankle. Go for the Kica Born to be Worn Tracks or Kica Track for a relaxed fit, that’s perfect for women who want a loose-fit from hip to ankle.

You Can Live In These

Whether you are just relaxing at home, out running errands, or taking the dog for a jog – Kica's track pants are a must-have for both home and outdoor usage.

Fitness is always the goal. However, how we choose our clothes is the key to being extra stylish, and feeling great while doing so. Track pants are an extra comfortable and casual type of trousers designed for extensive workout as well as day-to-day living. Nowadays, track pants are very popular among all kinds of women because of their awesome fabric which gives immense comfort. The breathable fabric used in making track pants allows your legs to breathe while at the same time it allows air to circulate through your legs. We provide a large collection of track pants with various designs, and colours to make you feel beautiful. We provide women track pants with size varying from XS to XXL along with a guidance size chart.

The track pants for women are perfect for walking, running, yoga, HIIT, cycling or lounging. 

Tips to Buy Track Pants

1. Fabric: Choose track pants which are crafted by polyester and nylon fabric providing the right amount of comfort and also, very importantly keeps you dry during your workout. 

2. Colour: Colours are what brightens up your mood! Kica provides a variety of colours. Choose your track pants based on what suits your mood. 

3. Fit: Well fit outfits always bring a charm and confidence to your life. Make sure to use our size chart to find the most comfortable track pants for you. 

How to Style Track Pants?

1. Layer up: Women track pants are mainly used for lounging and workout. However, track pants are available in a wide variety of designs and can be layered up with a nice slip or tank top. Whether you’re getting ready to go out, hit a party or just be home, track pants can be worn to suit your mood. 

2. Accessorize: Pair them with heels instead of your regular sneaker and add some accessories like necklaces, big hoop earrings, to up your fashion game. 

3. Go monochrome: Monochromatic looks are one of the best trends coming out of 2021. Going all black or all white looks cool and chic. 

4. Tie-up top: Put on a cute tie-up top for a chic and comfortable look. Even better, it takes a minute to dress up.


Q1. What is the difference between leggings and track pants?
Track pants are a little loose fitted while leggings are tight fitting clothes. Both of the products are used interchangeably depending upon the types of workout you are performing.

Q2. Can I wear track pants for yoga?
Yoga requires a lot of body movements which is one of the main objectives of track pants. Track pants are very comfortable and help in adequate movement. 

Q3. Are track pants as effective as tights?
Yes, absolutely! It depends on you. We’ve never had any complaints about working out in tracks!

Q4. Are track pants meant for running?
Track pants are designed for extensive workout including running, gym, yoga etc. Track pants crafted with breathable and sweat wicking fabrics allows your legs to breathe while running and keeps you dry and comfortable.

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