9 Best Women's Workout Shorts for Every Shape

9 Best Women's Workout Shorts for Every Shape

Have we ever wondered how one decides what are the best workout shorts for keeping our taste, purpose and structure in mind?

There are various body types out there to fulfil different requirements with a pair of shorts. Each one of us has a unique body shape, a unique dressing style and a different purpose to adorn a pair of shorts.

While we all have our wardrobe favourites, we must also know what works best for us in terms of comfort, trends, purpose and most importantly the feel good factor the outfit should bring to us. A whole lot of us out there are not confident about wearing shorts because they either make us feel we are revealing too much, too little, looking smaller or bigger than our actual size, don’t know what colour would make us look flattering or even the style of the shorts to suit our image.

As Indians, we tend to believe that our lower torso is invariably bigger than our upper torso hence leaving us reluctant to flaunt our amazing bodies in shorts - not knowing that there isn’t just one kind of style out there. There are tons of variants in gym shorts for women, with multiple suited options for each body type or shape or purpose.

  1. Pear Shape (A) - As the name suggests, the shoulders are narrower than the hips aiding women to deviate attention from the hips. This can easily be done by wearing dark solid colours and ensuring the waistline sits at mid-height instead of low-waist or extremely high.
  2. Inverted Triangle Shape (V) - This shape is the exact opposite of the pear shape, hence drifting focus towards the shoulders. Women of this shape should consider wearing patterns like stripes, especially horizontal ones as they make one look fuller/bigger thus dividing focus equally. Loose hemlines are a great way to ensure this is achieved.
  3. Hourglass Shape (X) - Narrower than usual waistlines, making the shoulders and hip gain all the highlight. This seems to be the ideal shape of most women, hence we’d recommend wearing any style or shape of shorts.
  4. Rectangle shape (H) - More like a straight shape, without display of any curves. Shoulders and hips are of the same width and no definition in the waist. High-rise waistline works best in this case, accentuating the waistline and preferably an A-line fit works better.
  5. Apple shape (O) - O shape takes away the focus from shoulders or hips and places it right onto the waistline. For such body types, mid-rise waistlines work best, in addition to a visible inner pocket or extended double-lining.
  6. Petite Shape - This body type belongs to women of height 5”3 or under, focused on making women look taller. This can easily be achieved by wearing vertical stripes, higher waistlines, A lined fits and nothing too long.
  7. Tall Shape - This is invariably referred to women 5”5 or taller. Since they have height on their side, longer and more fitted shorts work best for them. Cycling shorts are an ideal option, along with the Bermuda style for a looser fit. High waist or mid-waist works best.
  8. Curvy Shape - Curves are flaunted when you have defined hips, thighs and bust. Women with this body type should look at wearing darker colours with mid-rise waistlines to accomplish the desired evenness.

No matter what your body type, shape, size, style or purpose - confidence must come from within and one need not worry about what the outside world perceives us as. Wear whatever works best for you, just carry it with a smile and the drive to make a difference. You can search our range of shorts and buy activewear online to suit your needs.