Active Pants for Athleisure, Hiking & Biking

Active Pants for Athleisure, Hiking & Biking

Now more than ever, we’re looking for things in our lives that add convenience. With our busy and hectic lives, there’s a huge demand for comfortable, functional clothes. Style is something that no one ever wants to compromise on. Leggings are the most perfect pair of pants that are functional, stylish, chic, and can literally be paired with anything. Whether you’re off to the dance studio, hitting the streets, or going to a friends’ house, your outfit can literally do it all. Let’s take a look at the best versatile leggings to take your Athleisure game to new heights:

  1. Kica Pink Leggings
  2. Honey Leggings
  3. Purple Lake Leggings
  4. Oasis Pants
  5. Pink Lemonade Joggers

When it comes to hiking pants, the number one priority is to be comfortable.  The right clothing is what differentiates an incredible hike from a miserable one. You want to have pants ​​that are versatile in the sense that they are durable and strong enough to wear just on their own, but also lightweight and breathable and can be layered. Here are our best selections of hiking pants:

  1. Steel Leggings: Stretchy, thick, comfortable (insanely!), and breathable, with a whopping 36% spandex blend! With two pockets on either side, you can store small items that you want to access easily along your hike. 
  2. Second Skin Leggings: For casual hikers, this is the best pair of leggings you can go for. Durable, functional, and extremely versatile. You can wear this for a hike but also out for dinner, and in our minds that’s the perfect bang for yor buck!
  3. Miami Pink Leggings: Made with a heavy duty poly and elastane blend, these leggings are so stretchy and built for tough terrain. They not only feel amazing on your body, but trust us when we say you will stand out from the crowd. These leggings literally turn heads. These leggings have a whopping 20% spandex blend so they’re unbelievably stretchy, soft, and breathable. 

Biking shorts: 

Having the right combination of clothing makes a world of a difference to a good bike ride. Biking shorts, are an essential item of clothing for biking. They are designed to fit snug over your waist, hips and legs. They are extremely comfortable, stretchy, and allow complete freedom of movement. Our biking shorts are made with lycra so it makes them extremely breathable.

See the Mocha & Seaweed shorts to get the perfect bicycling shorts for your next bike ride!