Choosing The Right Workout Shorts for Women

Choosing The Right Workout Shorts for Women

An intense workout leaves you exhausted, tired, nodding off, and covered in sweat. You might not realize it, but clothes you wear for a workout can have an impact on how you feel afterward. Comfortable workout clothes are affected by many things, including the fabric they're made of and which type of exercise they're suitable for.

When putting together your workout outfit, consider the type of exercise you'll be doing to decide which clothes you need. Different workouts require different attire, so consider that when choosing your workout clothes. What you wear may have to change with the seasons as well.

There are times when leggings or even capris just are not enough to keep you cool during the hot summer months. Your legs need the room to breathe and move freely during anything from running to biking to lunges and squat jumps. No matter how you break a sweat, slip into these lightweight, flexible workout shorts for women to keep cool (and feeling) all season long.

It's crucial for a great workout that you find gym shorts that are comfortable, keep you dry, and look great, regardless of whether you're a runner, cyclist, weight lifter, or yoga practitioner. Choosing a good pair of gym shorts for women can be tricky. Here are some tips on how to make it easier.

  • Length. A person's preference determines the length. Some love the feeling of above-the-knee shorts, while others prefer barely there gym shorts. It is most common to find shorts of 3 inches, 5 inches, 7 inches, and 9 inches or 10 inches (8, 13, 18, 23, and 25 cm).
  • Material. When purchasing workout shorts for women, be sure to choose a material that wicks away moisture. You should look for lightweight gym shorts with breathable fabrics and ventilation panels.
  • Pockets. Personal preference determines pocket size, just like length. Some people prefer shorts with pockets for their phone, keys, credit cards, chapstick, and whatever else they can fit in them, while others like the lightweight feel of shorts with no pockets.
    • In most gym shorts, there is a side pocket and a small key pocket in the waistband. It's even possible to find workout shorts that have pouches built into the liner that keep your phone safe.
  • Fit and style. With all kinds of styles and fits for women's gym shorts, it's easy to find one that's perfect for your workout. You can ensure your gym shorts fit correctly by choosing those designed for your activities.
    • For example, The punch & Silver Mist shorts feature a lightweight, breathable fabric with a moisture-wicking finish. The lining is super smooth for maximum comfort, and a sturdy waistband will keep them from riding up or down during your run. Plus, they're really cute.
    • Mocha & Seaweed shorts work great no matter if you're in a heated room or in a yoga class, as they dry very fast and are lightweight enough to become your second skin. You can keep your mind from getting caught up in your outfit while trying to find your calm. Ink shorts are great for all types of sports like football, or basketball.


You need gym shorts that are comfortable, dry, and allow you to move freely to get the most out of any workout. Shop for workout shorts for women that feature sweat-wicking fabrics and are designed to allow maximum movement.

Among the other things to consider are side pockets, the length, the ventilation, colours, fit, and style. Get a feel for the fit by trying on several styles before buying.