1. Pilates is only for women:

Pilates is developed by a man – Joseph Pilates. He tested and developed all exercises on his body, created and converted his sick body into well-defined healthy self with strong and flexible muscles. So Pilates mainly teaches us how to get control on our power house of the body ie the core – needed by both, men and women.

  1. Yoga and Pilates are the same:

Pilates has the best ingredients of yoga, combined with dynamic movements. The Pilates breathing is different from yoga and is done on machines as well.

  1. Pilates is only for the core:

Nope. Pilates is a complete body workout that resonates from the centre to the periphery – to give better movement, control and higher muscle strength.

  1. You need to be flexible to do Pilates:

Pilates helps to improve flexibility when it’s been done under proper guidance and using the right Pilates equipment. Regular practice on the equipment will ensure that all aspects of your body are taken care of from toning and conditioning, to better flexibility and strength.



  1. I am old and have a painful body, I can’t do Pilates:

Pilates is for all age groups, as it’s been designed in a way that everyone starts from the very basics. Learning Pilates breathing is a very crucial part of the workout that helps oneself to understand their body and be mindful during their workouts. Pilates is a less impact, more effect kind of workout with gentle yet challenging movements. Hence, Pilates is meant for all. Also, the equipment is designed to provide support during the workout to help get optimum benefit.