As the community of health and fitness is increasing, so is the curiosity to increase our knowledge on the know how of it. The awareness sure seems glamorous as more and more people are adapting to the idea of mindfulness but there does seem to be an increasing gap between scientifically proven facts and facts written by people who call themselves experts.

We decided to add our fair share of research as a drop to the ocean :-


More cardio means more weight loss Weight loss happens when you adapt to healthy eating patters along with exercises that trigger afterburn consistently
The longer the workout, higher the impact It is the intensity of your workout that defines the results, not the time you put into it
Organic or Gluten-free doesn't mean healthy Organic sugar is still sugar and gluten-free junk food is still junk food; unless it's naturally gluten-free it's doing no good
Very old saying 'no pain, no gain' Workout pain is soreness due to your body adapting to prepare the muscles for physiological stress; no pain means your muscles are conditioned to higher volume of resistance training.
Crunches are your way to a six-pack Abs only show when your fat percentage is very low; exercises like planks and bridges are better as they help tone your core
You can reduce fat from targeted areas You can only add shape and tone muscles with targeted exercises; fat loss is directly linked to the calories you expend versus how many you take in
Supplements and shakes are a food replacement Supplements are meant to fill in small gaps (
deficient in a nutrient or aren’t getting the optimal amount through your food alone), not replace all of the nutrients and benefits of real foods.
Low-fat food means healthy food
Processed foods labeled "low-fat" are usually loaded with unhealthy ingredients and have neither work for weight loss nor disease prevention.


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Now that you feel more informed and aware of the reality world of fitness and food, we hope you bring about that change in lifestyle you were longing to.