Serving size: 4



3 Beetroots - peeled and grated

1 Carrot - peeled and grated

1 Red Capsicum - grated

1 Green Bell-pepper - grated

1 Yellow Bell-pepper - grated 

1/2 Onion - finely chopped

1/2 Tbsp Ginger - grated

2 Garlic Cloves - finely chopped

1 1/2 Small Green Chili - finely chopped (optional)

3 Tbsp Oats Flour (can be substituted with almond flour)

1/4 Cup Olive Oil

Salt and pepper to taste



Step 1 - Take a big bowl, put all the ingredients together and mix well. You can blend the mix for a finer finish.

Step 2 - Take a handful of the mix and form round patties using a cookie cutter or just your hands

Step 3 - Take (dry) oats flour and dab it on both sides of each patty and place them in a flat tray

step 4 - Using a basting brush, spread olive oil in a non-stick pan and leave to heat on medium flame

step 5 - Add the patties (no more than 6 at one point) spaced out on the pan to cook for 15 minutes and then change the side

Step 6 - Using a spatula, check if a crusty layer has been formed on each side to ensure it's cooked

Step 7 - Beetroot cutlets are ready to serve, you can add mint chutney on the side