How to Look Cute in Track Pants?

How to Look Cute in Track Pants?

Track pants for women unlike joggers have a straight fit and an elastic band or drawstrings. They are made of materials like polyester/nylon and elastane, and sometimes cotton and elastane.. Earlier track pants were usually worn during track events or workouts. With the evolution of the fashion industry and the development of athletic wear, track pants are now found in every women’s closet.
The form of the pants from then to now hasn’t much changed but the ways of styling sure has. Ladies, you can pair these pants with nearly anything, and they will be on-trend and stylish!

Let’s see what you can pair up these women track pants with:

1. If you decide to stay in and enjoy your afternoon Netflix and chilling, you can slip on your track pants and wear them with a cropped sweater or a basic tee.

2. A day with your friends, you can pair your track pants with a basic tee and a denim jacket and sneakers, this look is apt for the spring/summer, in case of when it’s cold out, you can wear a turtle neck with accessories and finish up the look with a long overcoat of a fluffy jacket and booties or sneakers. You can also carry a cute, Small backpack or a sling. 

You can also opt for a co-ord with sneakers and a sling. Co-ords are so in!

3. On a dinner date with the girls or someone special, you can wear a silk tank or a basic tee. To make a statement, you can top it with a jacket, booties or heels. And to finish the stylish yet comfortable aesthetic you can carry a sling or a small/mini purse. 

A must-have in every girl’s closet is a basic white and black tee and a solid colour track, these are a generally needed necessity.


Fabric: You want to buy track pants that are made of polyester/nylon with elastane if you’re planning to workout and swet as these fabrics are lightweight and water-resistant. They are ideal for outdoors, wrinkle-free so you won’t have to worry about it at the end of a long day. If you’re looking to casually hang out in the track pants you can definitely opt for a cotton mix.

Track pants for a workout: you need a track pant that has a fitted silhouette, for mobility and comfort. These pants are sweat-wicking so you will be comfortable through the day.

Trackpants with style: At Kica, we have a wide range of variety in track pants, you need to pick the pair that works for you in terms of style, and comfort.