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on August 07, 2019

We all want to up our fitness game in today’s world and a great way to do that is by picking your go-to fitness person and following their account diligently. Fitness doesn’t mean lifting, it could mean eating right or getting the right amount of inbound vs outbound calories, or even just some great stretches. 

For the extra push, or just some great motivational content:

Lifting/Functional Training:

  1. Zoe Modgill: Here’s our go-to workout from Zoe - Jumprope Party
  2. Annabel FitA tip we found most beneficial - Online Coaching
  3. Natasha Noel: Her approach to life that continues to inspire us - Truth Bomb
  4. Shona Vertue: On the importance of Movement - No Equipment Workout
  5. Kayla Itsines: When we needed guidance while starting out - Beginner Workout

Nutrition guidance:

  1. Sheena Fit: How we learnt to keep the cheating at bay - Cheat Meal
  2. Rujuta DiwekarThe approach towards consuming home grown - Eat Local
  3. Ishi Khosla: Most important reality to swear by - Veg vs Non-Veg
  4. Nidhi Mohan Kamal: Vegan breakfast to beat the heat - Banana Ice Cream
  5. Kelsey Wells: Fuel packed breakfast advice we run by - Sweet and Savory


  1. Yasmin KarachiwalaA new way to work out - Pool Circuit
  2.  Namrata Purohit: When partner work-out is the drill we need - Pilates Girls
  3.  Anshuka YogaAnd then we stretch - Back Bends
  4.  Vidya Malavade: To get the body flowing when the weather makes it stiff - Fluid Movement
  5.  Deepika Mehta: The tried stretches to increase flexibility - Compression Drills

Last but not the least, if you are looking to increase mobility or just ensure your posture correction then Squat University is your go to handle!

While we do spend our whole day on Instagram, why not make the most of it by following our fitness role models.


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