Fairy Fari Foundation

Fairy Fari Foundation

Fairy Fari Foundation has been doing superb work since 2017. They help provide free education and life skills to vulnerable children who are living on the streets and in slums.
They also focus on empowering women through football. Encouraging their children to come out of their homes and explore their talents.
Additionally, she runs a food drive where they have been feeding over 500 people who have lost their homes due to slum demolition.


Anne, a member of the Kica Women's Football League, runs the NGO, herself has an inspiring story. She has a license in coaching from AIFF, and has represented India in the homeless World Cup 2017 in Oslo, Norway. She’s been working with the British School since 2017, and her entire salary from there goes towards supporting the children that come to her school. She’s also a coach at Hindustan Football Academy where she earns her living. Unfortunately, due to COVID she has found herself without work, and is unable to fund her NGO as well.

She needs money to pay rent at her school, electricity bills, maintenance which costs 15,000/month. Any amount of money will go a long long way in helping her continue her amazing work.


Here’s the link where you can donate, and also where you can read more about what she does: https://pages.razorpay.com/fairyfarifoundation

Request you to please pass this on if you believe in the work she’s doing. She reached out to me to help spread awareness, and we really do hope we can help her get where she needs to. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to her: +91971867042