The Right kinda Fit for your Workout Top

The Right kinda Fit for your Workout Top

After a workout, it’s natural to be covered in sweat, regardless of the climate. The clothes you wear for a workout make such a huge difference in how you feel post. There are several different factors that are involved in a comfortable pair of workout clothes. For example, the fit of the clothes, the fabric of the clothes, the purpose of the clothes.


There are fabrics that are designed to wick away the sweat during a workout. If you go with a regular cotton top, the chances are that the fabric will absorb the sweat and you will feel heavy post a workout session. 

​​Picking dry fit materials that wick away sweat, evaporate quickly and keep your body feeling cool. Avoid fabrics that are non-breathable. For example, plastic or rubber based materials keep sweat from evaporating and they don’t allow your body temperature to go down.


Picking the fit of your workout clothes is entirely up to you. It is how the clothes make you feel. Some people prefer loose and comfortable clothes, whereas others prefer skin tight, fitted, body hugging garments. Always remember, if you feel good from the inside, you look good on the outside. Exercises like running and biking are better with tighter fitted clothes so that your loose garments don’t get tangled up in the pedals. Whereas if you’re doing yoga, something that is super stretchy works best for the body and the movements involved.

At Kica, we have tops that come in many variations. Dry fit half sleeve tops, sleeveless tops, full sleeve tops, also cotton half sleeve, sleeveless, and full sleeve tops. Some of these tops are over sized and fit the body very comfortably, like the Snow Top, others are slightly more fitted and stay close to your skin as you work out. The very popular on-trend tops are our crop tops


If you play seasonal sports or enjoy working out outdoors, your clothes will have to change with the change in seasons.

Hot weather: As we know, temperatures in India rise to an unbearable level. You must pick clothes that allow your skin to breathe and wick sweat away. Feel cool, comfortable, and allow yourself to move freely. 

Cold weather: Layers. Always remember to wear layers so you can remove them as you get warm and continue exercising. Keep the first layer as sweat wicking clothes, and the layer on top of that as an insulating layer. 

Always remember that you will most likely work up a sweat during a workout no matter what the temperature is. So, ensure that you are comfortable and wearing clothing that is designed for workouts.