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Tips to Stay Up With Your Fitness Routine

on July 18, 2021

As the temperature rises in India, our motivation to workout and get sweaty can definitely take a hit. It’s impossible to always be motivated. If you have good habits, are disciplined and have a good routine, you can fall back and rely on these, vs. always depending on finding motivation from somewhere. Both habits and routines are regular and repeated actions, but habits happen with little or no conscious thought, whereas routines require a higher degree of intention and effort. There are different tips and tricks you can include in your daily life that will allow you to achieve your fitness goals regardless of external factors.

  1. Routine: Set a schedule. Try to stick to a regular time every single day. Make a commitment to yourself. Set small goals so that once you achieve those you feel good and proud of achieving something, and then aim for something higher/bigger. The same way you eat and sleep every single day, set a goal that ensures a minimum amount of movement every day. Yes, walks totally count!
  2. Make it fun: Sometimes it takes some trial and error to identify the workout that allows you to push yourself, work hard, and have a blast while doing it. Try new things to find activities or sports you fall in love with. It’s never too late to learn a new sport or skill. It’s also never too late to find a new passion! When you find something you love, it doesn’t feel like a daily chore any more. Invest time in finding the right activities, or mix of activities for yourself. This is a long term solution that goes a long way.
  3. Pick the right activewear: Wearing the right clothes can make a huge difference to your mood and performance. The best workout shorts for women are the ones that allow you to move freely. In general, the best activewear for women are the ones that allow you to perform your best, stretch your maximum, wick away your sweat so you don’t feel too hot and bothered, and most importantly, make you feel good about yourself. Ensure that the fabric is lightweight, breathable and dry fit in the hotter months. When you feel good about yourself, you look good. You gain a kind of confidence that no one can take away from you.  
  4. Reap the benefits: Don’t forget the benefits of a consistent workout routine. They are incomparable. It can be just the thing you need in your day to improve your work quality, your sleep, your creativity and mostly your mood! The endorphins that are released after a good workout session, can help you achieve your goals that go far beyond just fitness. 
  5. Find a workout buddy: Committing to a workout routine with someone else can really help you to be good and disciplined about it. You don’t want to disappoint your partner, so the chances of you flaking on him/her are far less. They will also motivate you to push yourself more, as a little competition never hurt anyone! A workout buddy can be someone you meet in person, or do classes with online. 
  6. Pay for classes: Sometimes it helps to pay for your gym, or pay to workout with a trainer. This ensures your consistency. You feel guilty for missing classes as you’ve spent the money and committed to something.

Remember, it’s easy to go off your routine but it’s as easy to get back on to it. Take it one day at a time. Be kind to your body. Eat nourishing food. Buy good quality activewear online and get ready to sweat it out.


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