What are the best leggings to workout in?

What are the best leggings to workout in?

Leggings are definitely one of the most popular items of clothing worn by women. Whether they’re being worn to work out in, lounge in, travel in, or brunch in, every woman has a need for them these days. Workout leggings for women have endless options. It really comes down to what you like, and what you feel comfortable in.

When it comes to waistbands, at Kica we have a wide range of options as we understand that everyone likes different things. Sometimes you’re going for a pair that’s extremely snug, other times you’d prefer a looser fit. You can explore our range and see what works best for you.

High waisted leggings with a fabric waistband: With over 20 styles in this category, these leggings hug you in all the right places. They can be worn above the belly button, or on it, and fit your body perfectly. With no crotch issues (camel toe), the leggings stretch enough so that each size accommodates a wide range of different shapes and sizes. You can find the best leggings online. Some of the style names include Raisin Leggings, Honey Leggings, Beam Leggings Blush Leggings, Cheer Leggings, Steel leggings, Purple Lake Leggings, Miami Pink Leggings.

High waisted leggings with a thick elastic waistband: These leggings are suited for someone who is looking for that extra hold around the waist. These hug you so tight there’s no chance of them rolling over or falling down! Some of the styles you can find at Kica are Kica Pink Leggings, Second Skin Leggings, Duel Leggings, Zen Leggings, Mesh Leggings

Mid to Low waist leggings with a medium size elastic waistband: If you’re tall, these will sit low on you but if you’re 5’3” and below they will sit at your belly button. These have a thinner elastic waistband and sit very comfortably on your body.  Some of the styles in this category are: Spike Leggings, Poise Leggings, Flex leggings, Dash leggings, Flow Leggings.

Another thing to consider when picking your leggings are the thickness of the fabric. Some people who live in climates that are warm throughout the year prefer more lightweight fabrics. Examples like all in the mesh leggings, flow leggings, kinetic leggings. However, some overall like a thicker fabric that holds their bodies in place. If you’re looking for the ones that are thicker, look at Steel leggings and Miami pink leggings. 

Best way to style leggings. Simply, there is no bad way to style them. Pair them with a matching top and it will look adorable as a co-ord set. Wear a high waisted pair of leggings with a crop top that you can literally wear from gym to party. Even a tank top with a pair of leggings looks chic.  A pair of black leggings can do a long way. 

The trend has definitely been on co-ords. It’s true that if you feel good, you look good. At Kica, that is at the core of what we believe. We want you to be comfortable, feel confident, and then everything else follows from there. 

When it comes to properties that all leggings should have, they should all have 4-way stretch. 4-way stretch is essential to a pair of leggings. This means that if you’re moving horizontally or vertically, the garment will allow you to stretch to your maximum, not the garments maximum. It is very important to not feel constricted by your garment. Leggings do just the opposite, they allow you the freedom to move and stretch to whatever extent you can. If you’re wearing them to work out and sweat in, they should all be made from a combination of polyester and elastane. This makes the fabric dry-fit and they have sweat wicking properties along with having odour treatment. You’ll never have that hot and icky feeling, as the garment is made to expel water at a fast rate. Most importantly, they must be comfortable. They should be made from soft, comfortable fabric that allows you to be in them for several hours at a stretch. Leggings also can last for many years, they are a hardy piece of clothing and when the quality is good, they don’t wear out after multiple washes.