What is a High-Impact Sports Bra?

What is a High-Impact Sports Bra?

Whether you’re dropping into a burpee or bending into downward dog, walking your dog or training for a marathon, one thing is the same no matter how you exercise: When you move, your breasts move, too. It is so important to make sure that athletic wear for women supports you while you’re busy performing your best.

It’s always the same principle: The idea that, in order to create a higher-support sports bra, you need to create more layers, with additional bindings and additional hardware.

Many brands now design based on the understanding that your boobs don't just bounce up and down when you jog, jump, or twist. They actually move in a sort of figure-eight, often bumping into each other. You need support underneath your breasts, around the sides and in between, the separation-and-support combo is key to keeping your breasts protected, and to feel secure while your busy performing your activity.

Luckily, there are sports bras made for every workout and movement that you put your body through. High-impact, medium-impact and low-impact sports bras are tailored specifically for different types of activities.

How to Pick The Right High-Impact Sports Bra

High-impact sports bras are designed for activities that involve more bouncing. For example: burpees, sprints. High intensity workouts, skipping, sports like football, badminton.  These bras are made with more secure bands and wider straps to keep everything in place while you move. 

To ensure that your bra is supporting your girls in the right way, make sure your bra is checking off the points below:

  1. Providing Encapsulation and compression.  This is how you ensure everything is is one place through any type of workouts. You have to think that if you’re busy jumping and running in all directions, your breasts will be doing the same! 
  2. Adjustability in the shoulder straps and bottom band. This ensures the most comfortable fit along with ensuring that it provides high coverage across the entire garment.
  3. Wide straps, because they protect your breasts, ensure that you don’t compromise on form, take care of the weight on your shoulders. There are bras that cross in the back which are also great for more support. 
  4. Hooks and Front Zips: These are new styles that have come about that not only are insanely convenient, In terms of the ease with which they come on and come off (think, no more sweaty yanking of the sports bra over yourself)
  5. Comfort, which apart from the fit, is also the fabric. Ventilation, moisture-wicking, dry fit materials, that are soft to touch.

What is a Medium-Impact Sports Bra?

Bras for when you are on the move. They are right in between high and low impact bras. They’re suited for activities like strength training, yoga, easy bike rides. 

What is a Low-Impact Sports Bra?

The perfect amount of support you need for low intensity workouts. Think of it like this – if you aren’t jumping up and down or the activity you are performing isn’t making your entire body move up and down, chances are the exercise is low intensity. Examples are yoga, Pilates, a casual walk.

Add these styles to your list:

  • Steel High Support Sports Bra: The front zip that makes your life that much easier
  • MVMT High Impact Sports Bra: In built cups