What Is the Difference Between A Sports Bra And A Regular Bra?

What Is the Difference Between A Sports Bra And A Regular Bra?

A sports bra is something that a woman should not work out without. It is of utmost importance that we wear sports bras while walking, running, dancing, moving, doing yoga etc.

Physical activity makes our breasts bounce up and down, and continuous movement like this without support will result in pain, sagging, and soreness. Breasts are made up of skin and Cooper’s ligaments (this is what gives them their size and shape). They have no muscle, and so without proper support, they can break down and cause sagging. Once these ligaments are stretched out, they can’t bounce back. This is the case for any size breasts, because everyone experiences bouncing during a workout. 

Sports bras for women mostly work by compressing the breasts against the wall of your chest. So, while you’re running or jumping, your breasts can’t move. They are designed specifically to wear when exercising. Their focus is on support, wicking sweat away & to minimize movement.

When looking at a regular bra, the major difference is in the function and purpose of the bra. Everyday bras are worn for comfort, support and style/aesthetic. We’re aware how painful and uncomfortable it can be for our breasts when we’re jumping around, but most likely that means you aren’t wearing the right bra that’s supporting you. It’s also a major cause for women to stop working out. So, having a bra that supports your breasts, can make all the difference. Sports bras are also made of material that has sweat wicking properties. This means, it will allow you to stay cool and dry, and prevent irritation during your workouts.  The right sports bra can give you the confidence you need to work out in a gym, or around people in case you feel self-conscious of your breasts. Finding the right size and style for you and your body is also extremely important. Here are some ways to ensure you get the right size:

  1. The right sports bra should fit well both in the band and cups. It should feel tighter than a regular bra, but you have to be comfortable and be able to breathe deeply. The band should be a snug and comfortable fit.
  2. Similarly, your breasts should not bulge, from the top or by the underarm.  If you see some skin bulging, you may want to try a bigger size.
  3. Raise your arms and see if the band moves, or if anything feels out of place. Jog a little and see how your breasts feel. If they feel like they’re moving, you may need to size down.

The Athleisure style has infiltrated our lives, office spaces, lunches, weekends and more. It’s not uncommon to see women wearing sports bras even when they’re not going to work out. A few things to keep in mind if you are one of the people who ends up staying in their sports bra all day:

  1. Coverage and fit: Because of the snug fit, and usually wider straps of a sports bra, your skin might not be getting to breathe as much. This could cause some irritation and acne if you’re wearing this for hours at a stretch. Keep this in mind
  2. Compression: Because of the support sports bras provide, your breasts end up being swished against the garment. This of course, makes it more comfortable while working out, but for every day, all day wear, it could be less comfortable.