What should I look for in activewear?

What should I look for in activewear?

When buying new activewear, you should look at it as an investment that will last you a while. Nothing that hurts your pockets, but you should ensure that you are buying quality gear. It is important to consider how and where you will wear these clothes. For example, if you enjoy doing a lot of yoga, it is critical that you buy clothes that allow you to stretch. Garments that don’t restrict your movement, and move with you. At the same time, yoga can be an intense practice, and you can sweat a lot through the practice. So, it is important then to have dry fit garments so that they wick away the sweat and don’t cause you to overheat.

Similarly, with any intense workout or movement that you do, if you’re going to be sweating, cotton isn’t the right option for you. Dry fit material which is usually a blend of polyester and elastane, or nylon and elastane is what will help you feel cool and dry. Elastane is the fabric that provides stretch to the garment. Stretch is critical in activewear, because without it, your movements will be restricted and it will not support you during your workouts.

Activewear for women ranges from tops, leggings, sports bras, shorts, tanks & tracks. Picking between leggings or shorts, that’s a personal preference. However, wearing a sports bra to work out, whether it’s walking, jogging, HIIT, yoga, or boxing, it is of utmost importance. A good sports bra is what supports, prevents breast pain and will not allow a limit to your movements while exercising. Being comfortable is essential when it comes to being active. Your clothes should not cause any chafing. They should be soft, and seamless for maximum comfort. Similarly, it is important that our clothes don’t have bad odour. If the fabrics used are heavy and not sweat-wicking, they will cling to your underarms and lead to a higher risk of bad odour. Make sure you look out for light, breathable fabrics that have anti-odour qualities and wick sweat away.  When picking clothes, you should look for 4-way stretch material, which means that the garment will stretch sideways as well as up and down. This will lead to less wear and tear, longer lasting clothes, higher quality, and most importantly, freedom of movement when you train. 

When picking activewear, the following are the things you should be looking out for:

  1. Fabric: High quality fabrics that are stretchable, light, with odour-free treatment
  2. Durability: These garments should last you for a long time. The stitching should appear perfect. After wearing the garment for a few heavy sessions, you should not feel any difference in the product.
  3. Versatility: The garments should be able to be worn for multiple purposes. Whether that’s a yoga class, pilates session, boxing, or a stroll in the park
  4. Functionality: This is extremely important that the activewear you are purchasing is truly functional. It aids your practice. It allows you to perform to your best. It makes you feel good. 
  5. Confidence: The right activewear can give you the confidence and motivation you need to push you further. It makes you feel and look good.