What to Wear When Working Out at Home

What to Wear When Working Out at Home

With the influx of information, and ease of access to knowledge, most people have become more and more conscious of their health. Through working out, as well as eating well, people now have the mind-set of wanting to take control of their health. As COVID took our lives by storm, there has been an impending need to take care of ourselves and our bodies. Since working out has become such a vital part of our daily lives, one must put in the effort to dress appropriately and effortlessly for the same as a good pair of clothes not only motivates you to train, but it also gives you the confidence to perform to your best ability.


Comfort, range of motion, and washability are the most important factors to consider when picking your workout wear that will actually drive you to achieve your goals. To buy activewear online, it’s very important to know the kind of workout that you would be indulging in - be it HIIT, Pilates, running or just weight lifting. 


Let’s simplify the selection options for a consumer to right pick their sports wear online.

For yoga, the flow and ability to move without any hindrance is of utmost importance. The correct yoga mat, along with a pair of leggings and a matching top, will allow you to flow gracefully. 


For Pilates and other similar low impact workouts, a ribbed co-ord set with high socks would be the perfect choice to enhance your performance, and confidence. For HIIT or other strength training forms it is very important to focus on the right workout tops for women, sports bras which support and provide the right comfort, and leggings with the right compression and stretch. For running, we highly recommend focussing on breathability as you can really work up a sweat while running. It is important to have fabrics that wick away the sweat, and allow you to breathe and feel dry. This will ensure that your performance is not hindered in any way. The ideal combo would be a pair of movement enhancing shorts/leggings, socks, high support sports bra and breathable gym tops for ladies.


Activities like ballet or dance are all about movement and flow, and a flowy crop top with a pair of high waisted joggers or leggings moves perfectly with your body. The last form of exercise would be recovery and stretching, which is best done in a comfortable loungy set of tracks and a hoodie top or even just the sports bra.


Besides focussing on clothing, we do feel footwear holds equal importance for indoor workouts while it may not seem like it. Shoeless lifting has proven to be a great way to build stronger feet, which could help reduce the risk of foot and ankle injuries, as well as boost lifting performance by providing a stable foundation.

If you lift barefoot, the sensory feedback you'll get from having your feet in direct contact with the floor can enhance your awareness of your body in space. That can translate into better balance, coordination, stability, and movement. So if you do consider training without shoes while lifting etc, be sure to bring this change into your routine slowly and steadily. While high intensity workouts like HIIT or cardio, be very mindful of initiating this change, keeping safety as your utmost priority. For varied movements packed with jumping or other jerk-related involvement, we highly recommend keeping your shoes on to minimize impact or injury. But keeping the form of workout aside, it is advisable to make note of the surface on which you will be performing the activity and accordingly wear the right set of shoes.

Always remember, a good set of workout clothes not only makes you feel good, but it also acts as a motivator to get you to move and exercise. So, wake up, wear your favourite set, have some coffee, and see how amazing the day goes!