Where can I buy cute workout tops?

Where can I buy cute workout tops?

It’s very common for us to go rummaging through our old clothes, night suits,and tattered tops, because we’re looking for something to wear to the gym. The feeling of confidence comes entirely from within. A good set of clothes whether it’s a dress, or an activewear set, can do that for you. Going to the gym can be very daunting for beginners. To feel confident is something that can help you overcome that feeling and just show up. Wearing that old set of pajamas or ragged t-shirt to the gym is probably not going to make you feel good or give you the motivation to put yourself out there. 

The most important feeling is what you feel about yourself. Sweating is sexy. Working hard and pushing yourself is badass. Being disciplined is admirable. Being self-motivated is infectious. These are things that will help YOU feel good. The most important factors when you’re picking the right activewear are comfort and functionality, in my opinion. Clothes that allow you to move freely, that make you feel good, and that allow your skin to breathe. 

It’s not hard to pick out the right workout tops for women. First, decide where and when you will wear these clothes. So let’s say, you are looking for a top to do yoga in, to walk in, and to lounge in. Cotton blend tops are probably the best for you! They are super soft on your skin, made to be worn all day, and they have stretch that allow you to move in the way you like, in case your yoga session gets more intense than you planned for!

While doing workouts where you’re going to sweat a lot, it’s important to pick dry-fit fabrics. This can be a blend of polyester and lycra, nylon and lycra, or a blend of polyester, cotton, and lycra. At kica, we have a wide range of tops that are made from this fabric. They even have different fits in case you prefer a looser top to a together one, or a sleeveless one vs. one with sleeves. Also, it’s always nice to add a pop of colour to your activewear. While the basics are the easiest to wear, adding a bright top can really motivate you to get moving. Because it’s proven that good activewear can motivate you to go to the gym more often! 

Any top that you pick from our range, can so easily be paired with black leggings. There’s nothing like a black pair of leggings that matches with everything! Apart from the classic pairing, a ton of our tops come as co-ord sets too and you can literally wear these out anywhere! Picking activewear that can be worn all day, is the best solution to your wallet, and motivation. If you’re in activewear from the start, chances are you’ll get the extra push you need to get to the gym.

Invest in good quality tops because they will last you no matter how many washes they go through. There will be no pilling, and loss of shape. So get browsing and find the perfect tops for you!