When we do physical activity, whether that’s running, walking, HIIT, yoga, cycling, yoga or more, our breasts bounce up and down. This bouncing may not bother you, or it may, but the long term effects on your breasts are worth knowing. 

A sports bra is designed differently from an ordinary everyday bra. It has a wider band, thicker straps, technical, moisture-wicking fabrics that are equipped to help you move and sweat comfortably. Working out in an everyday bra can result in chafing, discomfort, boob bounce and long term postural back and shoulder pain. Some of the best sports bras can reduce breast bounce by up to 83%.

Here’s where the role of the sports bra comes in. Sports bras are useful for many reasons:

  1. Preventing the bounce: They are designed to handle movement and motion. When you move, and your breasts bounce up and down a good sports bra will provide support and hold your breasts in place. Regular bras can’t do this for you as they don’t have the kind of support that sports bras have. Sports bras provide you with fuller cup coverage. Additionally, unique technical designs work to prevent bounce and keep you comfortable during exercise
  2. Painful workouts: As a result of the bouncing of breasts, muscle ligaments also move up, down and sideways. This can lead to pain in breasts after exercising. A sports bra will restrict this movement and reduce the pain you could feel after or during a workout. 
  3. Reduce Sagging: If there is inadequate support, and tons of movement, it can lead to long-term sagging of your breasts. Breasts move a lot, and wearing a sports bra helps prevent sagging that can occur later.
  4. Technical Fabrics made to sweat in: Sports bras are made from fabrics that have moisture-wicking properties. This won’t let you feel hot and bothered, and won’t cause irritation. Ventilation is important when you’re breaking out a sweat!
  5. Skin Marks: Sports bras fit in a way that they don’t leave skin marks. They provide great support, are super comfortable, and feel like you aren't wearing anything constricting. 
  6. Bras that don’t flatten: See kica’s range of bras that don’t smash the ladies. Our bras keep you comfortable & give you the right support. 

Don’t ever doubt that you don’t need a sports bra for all the movements you engage in. They are great for your breasts and you should never workout without one! We have a wide range of sports bras including front zip sports bras, hooks, and other properties to make it super convenient and comfortable for you when you work out. We have sizes from XS - XXL, that accommodate all shapes and sizes.