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    Space Blue Bicycle Shorts

    High Waisted Cycling Shorts With 2 Pockets - Navy Blue

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    Gym shorts - Shorts are increasingly becoming the go-to for athleisure, comfort and to make a fashion statement. This category of activewear provides a breathable and stretchable fabric upon your skin for a multitude of activities such as cycling, running, skating, jogging, spinning etc. You can take your pick of the fabric that suits your skin the most - be it lycra, synthetic or cotton and style your gym shorts up for lounging or outdoor adventures. The best part of choosing workout shorts for women in the typical Indian summer is the ability to wick a large amount of sweat off quickly while working out and minimal shrinkage upon washing. Shorts cover a narrower area of the skin but offer a cooler option for women to avoid problems with chafing and hindrances with gym equipment. The recommended fabric for buying women’s’ shorts for home or gym workouts is organic cotton, with a preferred double layering for extra protection. 

    Sports shorts can also be worn for outdoor activities such as hiking, badminton etc. and are a preferable choice for inherently warmer climates. With sizes for all body types and colours that make you feel good, we bring out a fresher way to begin your day with our shorts collection. 

    Pick your fit: the right pair of shorts should be airy enough to let your legs breathe but snug enough to let you exercise and stretch. Longer legs call for longer shorts, whereas shorter legs call for shorter ones. 

    Support: make sure that the elastic band of the shorts isn’t too tight for your hips/ doesn't fold and there’s padding below the crotch to avoid irritation. 

    Confidence: Shorts also help accentuate your curves and make you feel more confident while you exercise or lounge. 


    Why should I buy shorts if I already have leggings?

     Shorts can add to your choices for activewear/loungewear and like leggings, can work as a fashion choice too. However, activities such as spinning and cycling consist of rigorous movement of the legs which may sometimes cause leggings to stick to the equipment, resulting in rashes. Shorts come to the rescue in such cases and provide the breathability your legs need. 

    Can I wear the same shorts for my workout and going out?

    Yes, depending upon the fit and style you pick for your shorts, gym shorts can now be styled with sweatshirts, funky accessories, even heels. This option automatically makes your shorts an interesting choice with a double benefit and value for money. 

    What kind of shorts can I pick from?

    Shorts come in a range of fabrics and quality, which vary according to skin type. For an easily irritable skin type, pick an organic/soft cotton with a compact and finer texture. For a loose band, pick elastane (greater stretchability) or lycra which can absorb moisture well and provides durability. Pick Best Shorts for Women that take up the shape of your legs and buttocks and provide them the support they need and if you're comfortable, go for a mixed fabric for greater resilience.

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