KICA Women's Football League


Kica is a way of life. Kica is the new movement.

The road to a healthy and fit life requires motivation, determination, sweat & persistence. Kica inspires women to take on this journey. To stretch boundaries, break resistance, and define new goals.

Kica’s Purpose

Motivating women to be active by providing clothing that is truly functional, flexible, and fluid.

Kica’s signature form-enhancing fabric

Stretchy, sweat wicking and light, Kica gives you versatile wardrobe essentials that go beyond your workout. A complete range of sports bras, tops, leggings, joggers, and shorts. With a next to nothing feel designed to support every movement.

our core values


Functional wear

that merges technical innovation with street style



others & ourselves to stay active



so that we're always moving forward


Customer obsession

is what shapes our brand



that are generously priced




It was during her time in New York that Aneesha saw the surge in fitness and health-related trends and behaviours. There were a large number of stores popping up that were dedicated purely to active wear. After conducting a full marketing study on the activewear market and available brands, she identified a gap - stylish and high quality products at an affordable price point. Kica was born out of this need to bridge this gap. Through Kica, Aneesha hopes to showcase the ease with which an active life can easily become a part of one’s routine for benefits that are as much mental as they are physical.

"Good activewear isn't just about having a pair of clothes to sweat in. It enhances that feeling further. It gives you a tool to transform your life. It gives you the confidence to push boundaries. With kica, I hope to support women, and their personal goals. To help them achieve these goals, and strive for MORE."