How do you look good in joggers?

How do you look good in joggers?

Joggers are a pair of pants that are so versatile they’re easy to pair with just about anything! They are no longer a pair of pants that you wear to sleep or lounge in. You can easily dress them up and make them look a lot extremely stylish, creating a look you can rock just about anywhere. There are so many options when it comes to joggers for women, in terms of style, color, shape, fit.

If you’re going for a more polished look, you can pick a pair of joggers that are more fitted. They are easier to style and you can find a pair that fits well but also feels comfortable. Instead of wearing a hoodie or a jacket or a loose top with your joggers, go for a blazer or a coat and this will elevate your look. In the summer, pair your joggers with a crop top or a slightly fitted tank top or t-shirt.

Another way to dress up your pair of joggers is pairing them with heels instead of sneakers. It’s such a quick and easy hack, and automatically adds the oomph factor to your outfit. 

We love the monochromatic look because it always makes you look so chic and cool. Once in a while though, it’s fun to add some bright colours to our joggers. Something that demands attention. 

We also feel like a pair of black joggers is a must in everyone’s closet! It’s the easiest one to style up or down, they can pull off as sweats or trousers and that’s the kind of versatile garment we need! Wear them to work, when you go out, head to a party, or sit at home, and no one will even notice! 

When it comes to picking the right joggers for you, we have some advice on the quality, look, and feel.

#1: Look for joggers made of polyester and nylon material

As this fabric is heavier, they fit the body better. They have a flattering fit and look less casual. They also don’t pill after washing again and again. 

#2: Cotton blend joggers

We love our cotton joggers, we find it hard to take these off! The more they wash, the comfier they get. Remember, these are harder to dress up, but a pair you can really enjoy wearing to the park, yoga, or at home. Ensure that they have some stretch (elastane/lycra/spandex) so that the pair allows you to move the way you would like to.

#3: Slim Fit joggers

Joggers can be slim fit right from top to bottom, or they can be looser on the hips and taper at the ankle. Ensure that you pick a pair that suits your body type. What’s most important is that it’s comfortable on your waist, and hips, and makes you feel good while wearing it. 

#4: Casual Look

This is a super trendy look right now. You can wear the joggers with a tee, crop top, button up, or a top partially tucked in front. Pair it with a pair of slip-ons or canvas sneakers. You’re ready for the day, wherever it may take you.

Most importantly, no matter what you wear, you have to feel comfortable, and feel good, and that’s where your confidence comes from.