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        Ever wondered, what it be like to wear an outfit all day that fits every occasion be it running errands or just lazing around and/or even going to the gym?
        At Kica, we have got you covered with the best  joggers for women ranging from sizes XS, S, M, L and XL suitable for every shape and size. Their fabrics are sweat-wicking, airy and baggy for utmost comfort. They come with elastic bands, thus making them have a longer wardrobe life, the elastic band also helps fit the contours of your body perfectly
        Joggers provide the ideal definition of athleisure. It provides you with comfort while also seriously adding to your style game! 


        1. Aesthetics - Here at Kica, we engineer our products not only to produce maximum comfort but also to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and the colours of the season. You can find a wide variety of colours and styles that match your mood and preference. 
        2. Size -  to measure and buy the right fit for your joggers you must measure your waist, hip and height with a measuring tape; make sure that the silhouette of your jogger is well-tailored. 
        3. Comfort: Don’t let your need for style overshadow the comfort of the jogger pants, the ideal jogger will be airy and baggy in all the right places, to ensure breathability during your day to day activities. 


        Pick a suitable top while deciding the look, ensure that the top you wear completes your aesthetic. You can wear a baggy top, crop top, oversized sweater, lacy top or/ tank tops.

        Accessorize -  depending on your activities of the day, you can accessorize your look. If you’re planning to stay in and kick it at home, you can pair it up with your favourite scrunchy and slip-ons on your feet. If you are working out, you can pair it with thick socks and your usual shoes. What we love most about joggers is their versatility!


        Q1. What is the difference between track pants and joggers?

        Track pants and joggers are both engineered to serve the same purpose, though in terms of style and the look they do differ. Track pants are long with a straight fit, on the other hand, joggers are baggier with tapered ends with sometimes an elastic that wraps your ankle. 

        Q2. Are joggers meant for running?

        This is completely up to you. They are extremely comfortable so some people like to wear them to run in. However, a lot of times joggers are made from cotton, so they aren’t ideal for a heavy sweat session. 

        Q3. Are joggers comfortable?

        Yes! Joggers are the ultimate definition of comfort and style. They don’t overpower but complement each other. The airy, stretching fabric makes the moveability easy and free. 

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