Where can I buy good joggers for women?

Where can I buy good joggers for women?

How often do you find yourself wearing an old pair of loose cotton tracks or pyjamas to go for a walk or do yoga in? I’m sure the answer is pretty often. The important thing about active wear, that people tend to overlook is that a good pair of clothes can motivate you to workout, to sweat, and to push yourself. Most importantly, they can make you feel good, and so confident. We should not underestimate the power of a great set of clothes.


Joggers can be so versatile, that owning and having a few pairs in your cupboard can go a long way. Joggers can be of both cotton and lycra fabric, as well as polyester/nylon and lycra. What’s important when picking best joggers for women, is to understand what your use of the products will be. 


Joggers are the perfect travel companion. Cotton joggers that have stretch, sit comfortably on the waist, feel great on the body and can be worn for hours at once. Travel in them, and see how at ease you are through the journey. They’re also the ideal pair of pants to wear to work, or while you’re at home. They make you look good, and most importantly, you feel comfortable while performing any activity whether that’s sitting at your desk, or cooking dinner!


The great thing about joggers is how easy they can be paired with a top. A crop top and joggers is a classic, on trend look that makes you look effortlessly chic. A fitted tank that tucks into the pair of joggers also is a very versatile look that can be worn out to dinner, or for a casual walk. Another look that screams comfort and style is an oversized cotton top along with a pair of joggers. Wear it with a pair of sneakers and big hoop earrings, and your look is complete. You’re ready for whatever may come your way!


Joggers that are made from polyester or nylon and elastane are actually perfect to workout in. Having an intense, solid sweaty session in these, will show you truly how comfortable, versatile and functional a pair of joggers are. Due to the fabric qualities, the garment dries up quickly, so as you sweat, the fabric wicks it away, leaving you feeling cool and dry. You can go for a run, do yoga, HIIT, boxing, or even play a sport in joggers that are made from this fabric. The properties of the fabric allow you to stretch and move in whichever direction you want. They don’t hinder any movements and actually assist you in achieving your peak performance.

At Kica, we have a wide range of joggers that are made from both cotton and lycra, as well as polyester or nylon and lycra. The joggers taper at the ankle, which gives the body a really nice silhouette. Our joggers are minimal design, classic, easy-to-pair items of clothing. We have taken into consideration the climate in India, as well as paid attention to the shape of Indian women’s bodies, to create a garment that flatters and flaunts your best assets. Good activewear can motivate you to go to the gym or exercise more often, and we have designed our clothes in a way that will make you feel and look your best. Picking joggers that can be worn all day, is the best solution to your wallet, and motivation. 

Invest in good quality joggers because they will last you no matter how many washes they go through. There will be no pilling, and loss of shape. So get browsing and buy activewear online to find the perfect joggers for you!