Jumpsuits (2)

Float Jumpsuit Magenta

Rs. 1,295.00Rs. 1,850.00

Float Jumpsuit Green

Rs. 1,295.00Rs. 1,850.00


Kica Active offers a wide range of active wear for women. Our collection is not just limited to typical workout essentials like Sports Bras, Joggers, and Tracks Sets. We aim to bring style, a comfortable fit and functionality together for you, across different garments.

Our Jumpsuits for women are an easy to wear one-piece outfit that will surely make you feel active, whether it’s for a walk in the park with your pal, or a beautiful morning yoga flow.

What’s better? These jumpsuits are so versatile. You can easily transition to the night and explore a Jumpsuit for party wear. Accessorise your outfit by adding statement jewellery and a pair of your favourite heels. You can even pair it up with white sneakers for a relaxed, casual jumpsuit look.

Try our range of exclusive jumpsuits for women online at Kica’s official website.

Quick Styling Tips:

Jumpsuits bring in a lot of scope for versatility and experimentation. They are an all-in-one kinda outfit that compliments almost everything that you pair it up with. Let’s see how you can feel like a million bucks with these quick styling tips for jumpsuits:

  1.   Lock the warmth in this winter by teaming your favourite Kica Active Jumpsuit with an oversized Jacket or Blazer.
  2.   Wear a bodycon top underneath your versatile jumpsuit and put on your classy stilettos for a more formal look.
  3.   For a casual vibe, simply layer up your cotton jumpsuits with a sheer white shirt. You can cinch your shirt at the waist with the help of a cool belt or simply tuck it in a bow to further accentuate your look.  


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