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        Baby Bicycle Shorts

        Rs. 300.00Rs. 750.00


        Why leggings and bicycle shorts from Kica Active?

        Kica Active cares for you and your kids. We specialize in offering top-notch breathable products that are ultra-soft making them safe and comfortable to wear. Your kids would love to wear these while playing or cycling because of their lightweight, moisture-wicking and ultra-stretchy features. The fabric has been specially manufactured keeping in mind the sensitivities of a young child. 

        Why opt for Baby Steel Leggings?

        All babies love twinning with their Mamas! Our team has recreated the best seller Steel leggings for your little ones. Designed to stretch as she grows, these leggings are made from the softest, most breathable fabric, making it safe and comfortable for your girl.

        Why would you pick Bicycle Shorts?

        Bicycle shorts from Kica are designed and crafted with perfection keeping in mind the sensitive skin of kids. Made from our superior quality fabric, these lightweight shorts will keep your kid comfy, cool and active all day long.

        Why Kica?

        Kica provides high quality active wear at an affordable price point. We are a popular choice among all kinds of women ranging from the avid gym-goer to the occasional walker. Here you will find a wide array of quality products that suit everyone’s requirements. 


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