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The Right kinda Fit for your Workout Top

The right kinda fit for your workout top

After a workout, it’s natural to be covered in sweat, regardless of the climate. The clothes you wear for a workout make such a huge difference in how you feel post. There are several different factors that are involved in a comfortable pair of workout clothes. For example, the fit of the clothes, the fabric of the clothes, the purpose...
on October 28, 2021
Can a Sports Bra be used as a Regular Bra?

Can a sports bra be used as a regular bra?

History has shown that sports bras have been used only for hot sweaty workouts and sports sessions. However, they have become a popular item for everyday wear as well. Sports bras are becoming a common alternative for women who want to wear more comfort than cleavage. What's not to like, they're comfy, snugly, super supportive, and oh so stylish. In...
on October 26, 2021
Trendy seamless fitness clothing for women

Trendy seamless fitness clothing for women

No sewing, no creases, no stitches. The Seamless technology is an innovative knitting concept that uses specific circular weaving knitting machines which produce smooth sportswear clothing practically free of unwanted seams, sewing & stitches. Whether you’re a runner, spin junkie, boxer, lifting fanatic, or yogi, you know how important the right gear is. High quality, appropriate, functional, durable gear makes...
on October 06, 2021
5 Street Style Ways to make your Joggers look chic!

5 street style ways to make your joggers look chic!

Over the years, joggers have become widely popular. There is no doubt that jogger pants are the most comfortable pants you can buy. You can wear them on the street or to the gym. We love casual clothing and the simplicity of non-complicated, yet stylish clothes. Let’s explore where and how to wear joggers.    What Are Joggers? In terms...
on September 25, 2021
The 5 Must Have Essentials before hitting the Gym!

The 5 must have essentials before hitting the gym!

Hitting the gym can be an overwhelming and daunting experience for some. Others, who are regulars, usually have a set routine they follow when it comes to things they do to prep for the gym. At Kica, we follow 5 simple yet effective rules that allow us to optimize our time at the gym, and perform to our very best....
on September 20, 2021
Active Pants for Athleisure, Hiking & Biking

Active pants for athleisure, hiking & biking

Now more than ever, we’re looking for things in our lives that add convenience. With our busy and hectic lives, there’s a huge demand for comfortable, functional clothes. Style is something that no one ever wants to compromise on. Leggings are the most perfect pair of pants that are functional, stylish, chic, and can literally be paired with anything. Whether...
on September 12, 2021
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